We are a licensed Child Care facility

Our centers are fully licensed by the city of New York and by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Our centers are routinely inspected by the Health Department and the Fire Department.

Our Locations

A to Z Center has two privately owned locations. Our Queens Village location accommodates children from two years of age through school age children. This location also offers Universal Pre-kindergarten. Our Richmond Hill location offers only Universal Pre-kindergarten. Our two locations are geared towards helping children develop socially, academically and physically. Each domain of development is strongly and positively impacted by our caring and nurturing teachers. Every child is unique and special; our teachers implement age appropriate activities designed to meet the needs of each individual child to help them reach their highest potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

Taking a Look Inside of Our Schools

We feel it is extremely important and necessary for all families to see the learning that takes place inside of our classrooms. The school day is a structured day where learning takes place across all integrated areas. Parents and guardians cannot be in the classroom during the school day with us, so we are providing pictures as well as videos of the routines, events, learning and play that take place during a typical school day.

The A to Z Philosophy

Our schools philosophy encompasses the following key components:

  • Every child is unique and special.
  • Socialization as well as a child’s cognitive development is essential in the growth of each child. Positive encouragement and respect for one another is imperative throughout the learning process.
  • Each child has a natural curiosity about the world around them and our classroom environment must include teachers and appropriate learning materials to encourage children to explore this natural curiosity.
  • Children are capable of learning and attaining so much information and are given the support they need inside the classroom through hands on activities which allow them to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The world of a child is a delicate place. In it holds many wonders and surprises. It can be a world of play, as well as an environment for learning about the world. The experiences seen and observed through the provided classroom materials will enrich a child’s learning and understanding of the world around them.

A child’s learning experiences can last a lifetime. The ability of a child to explore and develop at their own pace enables a child to have the freedom of acquiring knowledge on levels they can comprehend. The opportunity to have experiences such as these builds a strong foundation for each child’s future successes.

Sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills are introduced through materials and activities which are both child- centered and teacher-directed. Work is planned which emphasizes the process rather than the product, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride within each child.

We treat each child as an individual, working from the level each child has attained and moving forward one step at a time. We promote a love of learning by allowing children to experience their individual stages of development without pressure, helping them to feel successful in their endeavors. We also strongly encourage parental involvement. We feel that school and home must form a partnership to help ensure the best and most effective learning experiences for all children.


Staff members are thoroughly screened, references are checked, and they must undergo a health and physical examination. Staff have been carefully selected and are highly qualified all holding a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (B-2). Staff members attend and participate in quality professional development trainings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Kindergarten mandatory in the school system?
A. No. Children are not required to start school until Grade One.

Q. What types of programs are offered at A to Z Center?
A. A to Z Center offers programs for various ages.  We offer programs for our 2 year olds and 3 year olds.  We offer Universal Pre-kindergarten for children 4 years of age.  In addition, we have extended hours for children, an after school program and a summer program.

Q. Will I receive an evaluation of my child’s progress?
A. Yes. There will be three-parent teacher conferences held throughout the year informing you of your child’s progress throughout all areas of development.  Parent/teacher interaction and communication is key to helping children gain the best education possible.  There is open communication between parents and teachers allowing there to be dialogue about a child’s progress and possible areas of concern.

Q. Can I talk to other parents at A to Z Learning Center about their experience at the school?
A. Yes, feel free to talk to other parents about their experiences at our school.  Speaking to other parents will prove to be very insightful.